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COVID-19 pandemic

Posted: March 25, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic

During this historical and unprecedented time in our country and around the globe, it’s so important to stay calm and manage our lives one day at a time, but also with one eye towards the future. Healthcare systems and people are stressed; business activity is down, yet changing at an increasingly rapid pace. So many people seem scared, but fear will not solve our problems so it must be kept in check.

Skearch is in a unique position to not only survive this crisis,but thrive as the United States moves to the other side of these important healthcare,social and economic changes. The need for high quality, authentic content is more important than ever as brands and consumers search for digital solutions. Skearch will do our part and we ask that you do your part to help each other when you have the opportunity and be kind to others during these strange and challenging times. Together, we can work towards a better tomorrow as we make the most of today.

Stay strong and thank you for being part of the solution - Phil