Jan 1

Happy New Year from Skearch!


Wishing you and yours the greatest year yet ...



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Big things in Store for Skearch in 2016 !



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Nov 20

Skearch Thanksgiveaway !


   + some $$$


Skearch Thanksgiveaway

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Nov 14

New Field

Comics has been released ...  enjoy!

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Nov 3


Welcome to Skearch's first ever Thanksgiveaway!


This is so special for Skearch, we're celebrating with our largest giveaway to date.


More than $300.00 in "stuff" will be Thanksgivenaway to


        1 lucky Skearch member!  




Stay tuned for the details...

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Oct 12


Facebook says its messaging app is 1% finished — and that should make Apple and Google nervous


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Sep 2

Deadline for Skearch giveaway

Don't forget about the giveaway - nothin huge this time.

But a little somethin to to simplify your tech life from time to time.



Even with today's advanced media technology, your best picture quality is still received from an Antenna - this one is remarkable.


Members have until 12 CST tonight to enter !


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Aug 3

Skearch Registered Trademark

Skearch got it's Registered Trademark:


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      Thanks Holland & Knight !

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Aug 1

The future is here...

Great team, great visionaries, these guys are making it a reality.

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Jul 31

We call it Private Social - workin on it

Thanks CNBC

Firms offer 'dark social' to protect your privacy

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Man texting mobile phone
Sigrid Olsson | PaloAlto | Getty Images

Firechat began as an app that allowed people to communicate in areas where reception was spotty, and it was initially intended for festivals such as Burning Man. Instead, it made headlines when it was used during the Hong Kong protests to help people communicate during the Umbrella Revolution of September 2014.

On Wednesday, Firechat creators Open Garden announced it was updating the app to add off-the-grid messaging technology called "OM" that doesn't use cell phone services or wireless Internet. It also affords another luxury: completely off-the-grid conversations. While the app won't automatically use "OM," it can be selected as an option for those who would rather keep their messages clandestine.

Read More Web-free app goes viral, but what's next for FireChat?

"(Data privacy is) getting more and more to the forefront of people's consciousness," said Christophe Daligault, chief marketing officer of Open Garden. "There's chatter about the snoopers. Geotargeting and governments are trying to provide a number of ways for people to not be able to communicate privately, and there's a growing concern of a cat-and-mouse game."

The increasing demand data privacy

"OM" works by bouncing messages through a network of users until it gets to the recipient. While not instantaneous, it would take just 5 percent of the city to be on Firechat to create blanket coverage, with an average delivery time of 10 minutes.

"It creates a new way to communicate that reaches further and helps you in all the situations that you would be stuck without Internet access," Daligault said.

More consumers are concerned about their information being shared online, especially as social media platforms and other third-party online data sharing services use technology services to collect knowledge on personal habits. Eight-four percent of Americans said they felt "a lot" or a "tremendous amount" of responsibility to protect their information, according to a 2015 study by the National CyberSecurity Alliance.

Sam Rehman, chief technology officer of cybersecurity firm Arxan Technologies, said as more consumers rely on digital services to make their lives easier, they may be trading their information safety. For example, many rely on mobile apps to access and share financial, medical and other personal information with trusted individuals. It also makes these apps a target for hackers, who can sell this data for money.

"Consumers should generally be concerned about their personal data being compromised, particularly with the accelerated shift towards the 'Internet of Things'—the increasing interconnectivity of systems and devices increases the attack surface and access points for malicious attack or even unintentional exposure," Rehman said.

It's increasing the demand for "dark social" apps that provide ways to talk through on digital media without leaving an easily traceable footprint. Snapchat's messages disappear after being seen or read (although not necessarily securely). Meanwhile, Yahoo's new LiveText livestream video chat service will also have conversation delete after the user closes the session. A December 2014 RadiumOne study found out that 93 percent of its survey takers had used a "dark social" service to share content, more than three times the rate they used Facebook for the same purposes.

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