Apr 22

What Skearch does ...

Doing things no-one else is doing for Brands


Thanks Advertising Age !

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Apr 12

Chat em up !

These chatbots are all over the place already people... except from Skearch. We don't like them, as of now, anyway.

(no offense FB)


The best way to handle one if you suspect you might have one on the line >>


Just get real and simple ask it if it is one. Funny to see them get tripped up on their own deception.



Thanks CNBC, Thanks USA Today


They'll have their place in society, but these have the potential to be Brand Busters if you ask Skearch...


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Mar 22

New Field - Stay informed

Just released "World News" - Enjoy !


Keep an eye on your world ...

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Mar 21

Good Technology


Ahh, the good side of technology. Kudos to Apple for making a lot of good happen!


Thanks CNBC



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Mar 19

New Field - take your pic

Just dropped "photography" - go check it out, you'll love it if your into it!



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Feb 24

End of manual labor ?

Man's BFF!




Alot less of it for sure...




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Feb 18

Yeah but ...


Is Apple the only one that can unlock an iphone ?


Thanks CNBC



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Feb 11

Welcoming 2 New Fields This Week!

Ever wonder why it's so difficult to find products that are made in the USA?  Well Skearch just dedicated our "Made in USA" field to just that, and though we're confident we'll add more great destinations here - it's a good start.  So check out the Made in USA field under Retail.

Now you can also Skearch all your prescription needs on our new "Rx" field under Health!

Keep in mind, if you are ever browsing our fields and are not finding a site you know your friends will love, you can bring it our attention and we would be happy to review your suggestion. You might even get paid for it soon...

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Feb 1
Feb 1

Fitness Field Launched

We just added "Fitness" to our fields, under Health.  You'll find fitness information, exercise equipment and many other destinations to help you stay fit and healthy.  Enjoy !!

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