Jul 21

It's Good to be Private for Now

Thanks CNBC

CEOs meet in secret over the sorry state of public companies


In a series of meetings, titans of business and finance grappled with what they see as a problem of too much money going and staying private.


Read more:  http://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/21/ceos-meet-in-secret-over-the-sorry-state-of-public-companies.html


Privacy matters to Skearch in more ways than one!


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Jul 14

Your Privacy is One of our Top Concerns

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The Pokemon Go frenzy could benefit cybercriminals, expert warns


The fevered anticipation of Pokemon Go and limited release globally has created opportunities for attackers, a cybersecurity software firm said.


Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/14/overeager-pokemon-go-fans-are-an-opportunity-for-cybercriminals-cybersecurity-expert-says.html


Be careful out there, lots of tracking out there...


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Jul 11

Go to the Brands You Trust

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Amazon's counterfeit problem is getting worse and sellers are enraged

Sellers on Amazon have long dealt with counterfeiters, but with Chinese manufacturers flooding the marketplace the problem is exploding.


Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/id/103772201


Skearch loves Amazon but... The URL Remains King and the Key to Brands


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Jun 20

Congrats to the Cavs !

Thanks NBA.com


Chalk another one up for the Midwest vs. the West Coast, cuz we know how to work!


Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers on winning the NBA Title and for a great season and a great series. A lot of good people in that organization.


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Jun 15

Cyber jihad

Thanks CNBC


The 'cyber jihad' is coming, says this security firm


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Jun 13

Biggest tech deal Ever? They just keep getin bigger!

Thanks CNBC

Microsoft to buy Linkedin for $26.2 billion; LNKD shares jump 48%


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Jun 4

App hype is over, still important though

Thanks CNBC, Recode

The app boom is over



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May 27



Thanks for the liftoff ... We'll take it from here !

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May 18

Investing in privacy and secirity


One way or another business are investing in this



The disturbing new way hackers are shaking down big business

Imagine a burglar breaks into your home, photographs your stuff, then sends you the pics and a message: “Pay now, and I'll tell you how I got in.”

Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/id/103666440

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Apr 22

New Field - Hope it helps

Skearch is doing a little something to help those in need find the best possible help they can get.

Just released "Cancer" to help you fight the battle...

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