Aug 25

Skearch news! - New Field

Just released:




Need some credit or need some credit help? This field will be your best tool to get it done. Enjoy!

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Aug 20

Cell phone safety - Be Carefull!

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Aug 16

Smart, real smart...

Google launches video chat app to compete with Apple's FaceTime


Google Duo, a new video chat app that works on phones, is released today. It's fast, easy to use, and devoid of complicated bells and whistles.


Read more:


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Aug 15

Skearch news! - New Field X 2

Just released 2 new fields for you...


Credit Unions - Are credit unions better than banks? Well, we are convinced they definately have their place in the consumers world!


Swimwear - Guys, your gonna love this one. Why do so many guys care more about women's swimwear than Men's swimwear? Hmmm, interesting...


Enjoy the best results on the web - only at Skearch!

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Aug 10

Why Hackers Love Pokémon Go

Thanks UpCounsel & Laurel Edgeworth


Why Hackers Love Pokémon Go as Much as You Do

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Aug 8

Skearch news! - New Field

Classic Cars is our latest launch...


Whether you're looking to sell, buy, fix, or insure; you'll find it all here. 


Cruise our Classic Car field and enjoy!

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Aug 4

Skearch news! - New Field

Check it out, we just launched Shades under FASHION!


We never knew there were soooooo many options for sunglasses, and cool ones!!!  The choices are endless.  Browse our Shades field and find the perfect ones for you...


Let us know if we left out your favorite!


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Jul 27

Skearch news! - New Field

We just launched a new field under FASHION - Youth. 


If you're tired of seeing the same kids clothing options, this field is full of unique & quality kids sites.  We also have the big brands you've come to trust over the years. 


Check it out... and as usual let us know if we've missed anything!

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Jul 25

Skearch news! - freemium

Yes, we heard you. Yes, It's finally coming!


Use it, but don't abuse it. We'll test with it and we'll tweak it a whole lot most likely, but Skearch is getting ready to launch our own unique freemium model.

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Jul 22

Skearch news! - New field

Just released  "Sculpture" for all you art fans...


Sort of a test with this one. Hope you enjoy!

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