Oct 16


Skearch 2.0 is coming soon. We have had some delays, but shooting for end of year soft launch. Lots of good stuff in the works!


You wanted a freemium model, we listened.


Who likes mobile search?

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Apr 16

Working with UWP App Factory




Thanks for the media help!

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Apr 16

Q2 Relaunch

Skearch 2.0 launch coming later in Q2. This will set the stage for many advances and lots of help for brands and consumers alike!

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Mar 29

Happy Easter from Skearch




                                                  Image result for easter

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Mar 28

Privacy +



We always knew it would, consumers are smart, just busy

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Feb 24

Skearch in 2018

Launch coming in Q2 - new site, new tech

Leveraging the blockchain could be coming, stay tuned

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Dec 7

Happy Holidays from Skearch!

Enjoy the season!

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Nov 30

Go Badgers !!

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Nov 30

Launch Group 1 - Closed

Launch Group 1 is oficially closed to new members.


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Nov 7

Skearch 2.0


You asked for it, we are giving to you.


Skearch 2.0 will be launching soon!

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