Dec 7



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Nov 30

Go Badgers !!

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Nov 30

Launch Group 1 - Closed

Launch Group 1 is oficially closed to new members.


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Nov 7

Skearch 2.0


You asked for it, we are giving to you.


Skearch 2.0 will be launching soon!

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Dec 21

Twiter Toast? not likely...

Thanks CNBC!



Authenticity is the golden egg on the internet. Just our thoughts...


Twitter is ‘toast’ and the stock is not even worth $10: Analyst


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Dec 20

Nothing new here...


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Dec 9

Skearch news! - New Field

Just released Mens Shoes for you fellas out there.


Nothin but the best from Skearch...

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Nov 28

Skearch 2.0

Skearch 2.0 is coming - construction is underway.


Can't give details now, but our tech will be better across the board.


More value for Users, more value for Brands.


Yes, our freemium will be included in version 2.0 along with HD video



Positioning for the future with  Skearch   2.0

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Nov 21

Skearch news! - New Field

Just released some Candy for you


Check it out and enjoy if you or a loved one has a sweet tooth!


Image result for candy


More coming soon from Skearch...

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Oct 12

Skearch news! - New Field

Just dropped  Sleep  out to you.


This new field is all about Sleep and how to improve it...


From Beds to pillows to all the best sleep advice. You'll love how Skearch helps you sleep at night!

Image result for zzz

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