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At it's core, Skearch is about giving and doing the right thing. Skearch gives... is the giving arm of Skearch, set up to assist those less fortunate in life. To help, Skearch releases a portion of every membersip fee to great nonprofit causes. These nonprofit organizations then multiply those funds through smart people and hard work to do some good for those in need.

How Skearch can help your nonprofit

             ** Direct Donations

                                    - Hook up with Skearch and we'll help you raise money - It's that simple!

             ** Digital Exposure

                                    - Skearch can do the same things for nonprofits as it does for our brand advertisers!

             ** Tech Support

                                    - Strategic advice & connections. Ask about our URL review.

                                      Skearch will help get your nonprofit brand up to speed and probably save you money.


Nonprofits  With todays funding cuts and lack of marketing dollars, nonprofit organizations are struggling more than ever to meet their funding needs. The need for private donors has risen drastically.  Skearch has designed an advanced platform that will increase exposure, raise awareness, enhance credibility and provide technical support for great charitable organizations. This level of exposure will ultimately lead to a greater number of donors. 

Skearch Members  Skearch gives back and we want our members to have the same opportunity to give without all the hard work and research that can go into that. Our goal is to make it easy for people to give, so philanthropists can use Skearch to easily find high quality, integral nonprofit organizations to put their generosity to work.










                                                                                                    ** Thanks for the inspiration Uncle Bob. Looks like you finally embraced technology!

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